‘A Village Goes to War’ All Souls Church (2019)

Tracing Time (2019)

It has been a true privilege to be part of this event, commemorating the lives of those that went to war in 1914. Reading ‘Forgotten Lives’ it has been a great reminder that these men were self-sacrificing going into the unknown. They were ‘normal’ people living ‘ordinary lives’ when they felt the calling to enlist and go to war. The legacy of the Great War still lives on in South Ascot, with the restoration of the War Memorial this will allow the memory to remain.

As an artist I use research, archives, and objects as a median for storytelling and I hope that the work I have created allows those that engage with it to generate their own narratives. I have a passion for using the arts as a way of bringing communities together.

With thanks to Olivia Marsden for her support and assistance in the research, Susan Ellis for the extraordinary book ‘Forgotten Lives’ and for all those that have been involved and participating in this event. Jane Glennie for taking photographs on the day to record the event.

A Time Capsule was created  and will be buried in the grounds to commemorate this event.

Images courtesy of

Imperial War Museum: Harold Francis Amboor Keating, Alexander Findlater Todd

National Library of Scotland: Digital Map of the Somme

Winchester College Archives: Robert de Hougham Mark Bell

Frederick Leycester Barwell: unknown source