Art Unlocked Orleans House Gallery (2020)

Created from found objects whilst working as a gardener in lockdown, including a poem of 100 words that I created as part of the cornerHouse Art Centre poetry initiative – Covid-19 Lockdown 100

This is my Life…

Working: gardener,

Home, allotment,

Date night Lidl,

Deliver Lou…Mum

Declutter, garage,

Shred, upcycle,

Clean, repurpose, reuse

Life expands

Teaching art group on Zoom,

Creativity, connection,

Friendship, neighbours,

Thursday Night Clap

NHS, Community

Making plans:

Art class designing

December 2020, Spring 2021


Random conversations with strangers,

On the meaning of life

‘Surely its 42’?

Isolation, anxiety,

Living on my own,


New recipes, spa days,

Film nights, reading,

Taking care of myself

Lockdown easing,

Social distancing walks with friends,

Laughter, tears,

Virtual hugs.

Is this the new norm’?