Museum of Richmond Creative Mindfulness

New dates for the Autumn 2019

Creative Mindfulness Autumn 2019 A4 Poster (1)

Includes a Curators talk linking to the current exhibition and the handling collection that you will draw from on the day. Includes complimentary refreshments

Booking via Museum of Richmond through eventbrite

The aims of the session are to allow you to create space to be creative.

Some of the feedback from the sessions included

‘nice atmosphere. Excellent presenters and co-ordination’

‘great mix of history and creativity’

‘Keen on coming to more adult workshops. The workshop enabled me to connect to the child-like quality of being fully present and immersed in what’s in front of you! I drew a wedding shoe and it will be a reminder for me to put my ‘child shoes’ on’

‘Best thing about the workshop – being able to rekindle drawing ability’