Louise Girl

‘I opened the box and found the hidden treasures.’

A curated archive of materiality retracing five generations of matriarchy and our relationship to the past through installation.
An enquiry and discourse woven from the threads of time:
– questioning familiarity;
– cataloguing the memory and ancestral relationships that objects hold;
– unraveling the layers through obsessive repetition, iconography and documentation;
– finding beauty in imperfection;
– reconstructing an archetype to bring the past to life.

A personal story that could be everybody’s story.
‘It is evident that a woman’s “character” – her convictions, her values, her wisdom, her morality, her tastes, her behaviour – are to be explained by her situation.’
Simone de Beauvoir. The Second Sex (1949)

Exhibition comprises of prints, photography and found objects forming an installation

Louise Girl, selected for The Greenwich Gallery as part of UrbanPhotoFest, Graduate Show at Goldsmiths, 2016.