Lock down – Isleworth Art Group & Friends via Zoom

We maybe in lock down but a few of the Isleworth art group are meeting a couple of times a week to meet, talk and reflect via zoom. The main focus of the group is to be creative, have fun, stay connected and have fun…

We have followed a simple theme. The alphabet, starting at A, and each member of the group has the chance to chose an artist to then challenge their inner artist to create a piece of work that reflects the style of the artist but the one thing that it has to be is it corresponds to the letter of the alphabet for that day…

Some of the artists we have explored in no particular order…

Grayson Perry, Turner, Warhol, Gauguin, Monet, Lichtenstein, Marc Franz, Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Van Gogh, Seurat, Bansky, Klimt, The Bloomsburg Group, Aboriginal Artwork

Sounds simple but it has been a curious journey

‘Joining this fantastic Art group has taken me back to my love of art and picture making which has been neglected for some years. The fun and laughter and joy we have had with learning about the artists and also learning about the other artist in the group has been a complete joy. I have really appreciated having a wonderful focus with you all. Many thanks Louise’.



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Multi disciplinary Artist- Printmaker

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