Landmark Arts Centre Summer School 2020

Summer School at the Landmark Arts Centre. I am delighted to be running 3 classes in August

Sun printingCyanotype

Saturday 1st August; 10 – 4.00pm

Explore, experiment, and create your own blue sun-print! If it’s not sunny you can still, make our very only sun print (cyanotype) images using an Ultraviolet Light Box.

All materials will be provided. You will be supported by local artist Louise Anderson This workshop is an opportunity to explore a 170-year-old photographic printing process with a modern-day twist. Open to all and no previous experience needed.

Creative Mindfulness

Saturday 8th August; 10 – 4.00pm

Today is an opportunity to switch off from your day to day activities, connect with your breath and be in the moment. This will be a relaxing day of sketching as you learn new skills.

Learn to use the power of observation and awareness – Letting go of the critical mind by being creative and learn to tap into a Mindfulness Creative Practice. An introduction to mindfulness and how it can be combined into your artistic practice or help you to develop your observational and drawing skills. You will have the opportunity to draw from the magnificent Landmark Arts Centre, create from poetry, Still Life’s, and Music. Open to all and no previous sketching experience needed

Printmaking using recycled materials without the aid of a press.

Saturday 15th August; 10 – 4.00pm

A fun day experimenting using materials that you find in the home. You will learn the basics of collagraph and mono printing combining collage to make a simple concertina book and prints. You will produce a series of experimental prints from recycled materials creating different textures and techniques learning how layering can develop depth to your image.

Open to all and no previous printmaking experience needed but this is also open to print makers who just want to think outside the box.

All classes £65.00 and include materials although you will be required to bring some things with you in line with your own Personal protection (a list will be provided)

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